By buying /stealing /demanding from us, by selling / lending / offering / talking to us, by luring / tempting / ignoring / mocking / torturing us, by committing crimes against us etc, you automatically become subject to our Terms & Conditions in all cases without exceptions. (e.g. and in cases, when you: 1. 'Not know it'; 2. 'Not want to know it'; 3. 'Not understand it' (not want to understand or not able understand); 4. You (your Authority) consider it illegal).
So when we give a 'discount', it means, that you accept and submit to the Condition and Demand 'Reckoning via the Lord`s Money'. The same applies when you buy from us, sell to us, borrow from us etc.
If you don't accept this Condition by sense, then you are strictly forbidden to use us, our work, our trade, in general, the Lord's Money and also you are forbidden to live on the Earth.
It is not hard to understand, that there is no such thing like discount. The reason why 'discount' sometimes available, because someone else agrees to pay / give the difference on mentioned Condition.