1. Use is subject to the First Commandment (Inner Voice), i.e. for Free Use, i.e. for the use free from idolatry*.
2. Price is subject to the Inner Voice (pay to the Lord, as much as I.V. tells). Read to see how to return His money*/pay dues to Him* and/or to take His money legally*.
3. Protected by (under control of) the Law of Returns.

All such terms, like: 'Yes'; 'Ok'; 'I agree...'; 'I accept...'; 'Undicided...'; 'Allow...', 'Submit...' etc., as well as signature itself become in New Kingdom identical to the Term: 'Yes / I agree.../ I accept... etc., if proposed is in full harmony with the Inner Voice (First Commandment), otherwise - No (nay)'.
In all cases without exceptions money (in general everything that coming from us) is given (is paid back) to the Lord only (i.e. for His purposes and intentions), not to you.
I.e. By buying /stealing /demanding from us, by selling / lending / offering / talking to us, by luring / tempting / judging /sentencing / ignoring / mocking / torturing us, by committing crimes against us etc, you automatically become subject to our Terms & Conditions in all cases without exceptions. (e.g. and in cases, when you: 1. 'Not know it'; 2. 'Not want to know it'; 3. 'Not understand it' (not want to understand or not able understand); 4. You (your Authority) consider it illegal).
If you don't accept Terms & Conditions by sense, then you are strictly forbidden to use us, our work, our trade, in general, the Lord's Money and also you are forbidden to live on the Earth.

Other possible uses of this system (it is needless to say what all uses are subject to the permission of the Inner Voice). You can: